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PEC Chamber

Belong to The Prince Edward County Chamber of Commerce

Membership Packages + Options

Your business is unique, so we have a variety of options designed to deliver value that fits your needs.

Business Investor

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Quick Tip: This is our standard membership, open and accessible to all businesses and staff.

Business Builder

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Quick Tip: This membership is perfect for a new business or one looking to raise their profile.

Community Investor

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Quick Tip: This membership is for established businesses who want to contribute to our economy.

Community Builder

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Quick Tip: This membership includes direct supports for other businesses to grow and learn.

Not-For-Profit / Charity

Quick Tip: This is our Business Investor Package, offered for
a supportive rate.

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All memberships subject to HST

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Why Join The PEC Chamber of Commerce?

Contribute to Building the Unique Local Economy:

Economic Development Support:

  • Actively Contribute: Your membership actively supports local economic development initiatives.
  • Long-term Sustainability: Participate in programs that directly contribute to the long-term sustainability of the local business community.

Community Prosperity:

  • Engage Locally: Join efforts to create a robust local economy that benefits all members.
  • Better Business Environment: Engage in projects and campaigns that make your region a better place for your business to thrive.

Provide Relevant Business Resources & Tools:

Workshops and Campaigns:

  • Address Challenges: Attend informative workshops designed to address current business challenges.
  • Stay Connected: Benefit from Work Local and Shop County campaigns to stay connected with local consumers.

Toolbox of Resources:

  • Tailored Resources: Access a comprehensive toolbox of resources tailored to your business needs.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Leverage strategic partner programs to enhance your business operations.

Chambers Plan Health Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Enjoy comprehensive group benefits, including health insurance and dental coverage.
  • Team Wellness: Ensure the health and wellness of your business with tailored benefits for teams of all sizes.

Peer Networking Opportunities:

Diverse Event Portfolio:

  • Business Networking: Connect with a diverse range of professionals and businesses to exchange ideas and foster collaboration.
  • Recognition: Participate in events like Small Business Week and Business Excellence Awards for recognition.

International Women's Day Luncheon:

  • Unique Networking: Attend specialized events like the International Women's Day Luncheon for unique networking opportunities.
  • Inclusive Connections: Build connections that go beyond traditional business realms, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

Business Services:

Chamber PERKS:

  • Integrated Benefits: Access integrated benefits with Chamber PERKS, connecting you with over 20 other communities and 8,000 businesses.
  • Business Growth: Increase sales, expand market reach, and improve staff retention through these exclusive benefits.

HR Covered:

  • Resourceful Tools: Access over 700 free HR templates and enjoy preferred rates for personal consultations.
  • Expert Advice: Strengthen your human resources capabilities with valuable tools and expert advice. and Park'n Fly:

  • Shipping Discounts: Benefit from special shipping discounts through
  • Travel Savings: Enjoy discounts on airport parking with Park'n Fly, optimizing your business travel expenses.


  • Preferred Rates: Access preferred rates and support for POS systems and other essential business services.
  • Streamlined Operations: Streamline your business operations with cost-effective solutions.

Access Point to Government & Community Leaders:

Advocacy Initiatives:

  • Active Participation: Actively participate in advocacy initiatives like OCC Advocacy Week.
  • Stay Informed: Join discussions and panels with government and community leaders to stay informed on changes impacting your business.

Nationwide Connections:

  • Coast to Coast Networking: Engage with business leaders from coast to coast through participation in conferences and panels.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Build a network that extends beyond local boundaries, providing diverse perspectives and opportunities.

Advocacy Newsletter:

  • Direct Insights: Gain direct access to insights and updates through our monthly advocacy newsletter.
  • Stay Informed: Stay informed about government policies, legislative changes, and regulatory shifts affecting your business.

Increase Your Brand Profile Through Awareness & Recognition:

Consumer Trust:

  • Local Chamber Advantage: Leverage studies show consumers are 63% more likely to shop with businesses in their local chamber.
  • Build Trust: Build trust and loyalty among local consumers, increasing the likelihood of business transactions.

Affiliation as a Marketing Tool:

  • Powerful Marketing: Use your affiliation with the PEC Chamber as a powerful marketing tool.
  • Differentiate Your Business: Connect with potential customers and differentiate your business through awareness and recognition.

Additional Benefits:

  • Main Street Office: Utilize the provided Main Street office to enhance your local presence.
  • Member Communications: Stay connected with regular updates and relevant information.
  • Printed and Digital Maps: Increase visibility in the community and attract foot traffic.
  • Inclusion in Local Business Directory: Connect with people, information, and resources vital for your business.

Join the PEC Chamber of Commerce today and be part of a thriving local business community!