PEC Chamber

Attracting and Engaging the Evolving Workforce

The Prince Edward County Chamber of Commerce and the County Workforce Partnership are pleased to release the strategy

The 2016 long-form census revealed that Prince Edward County’s population decreased by more than 2% from the previous census. While the economic development of various sectors in Prince Edward County are booming, we need to research the jobs of the future (1-5 years from now) so that the county will be in a good position to transition from a labour market heavily based in tourism to a year round workforce. With the declining population, Prince Edward County needs to attract potential residents from outside of the area to support the jobs of the future. 

As we work to implement some of the amazing opportunities, we hope to inspire you to join our efforts as we continue to navigate unprecedented times, looking to businesses, organizations, and communities to assist in not only coping with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but to also lay the foundation for growth and prosperity for the future.