Attracting and Engaging the Evolving Workforce

Report to be Released - November 2020

The 2016 long-form census revealed that Prince Edward County’s population decreased by more than 2% from the previous census. While the economic development of various sectors in Prince Edward County are booming, we need to research the jobs of the future (1-5 years from now) so that the county will be in a good position to transition from a labour market heavily based in tourism to a year round workforce. With the declining population, Prince Edward County needs to

attract potential residents from outside of the area to support the jobs of the future.

This project will raise awareness and stimulate growth and investment in a range of industries related to competitiveness and prosperity. 

By undertaking a feasibility study, the PEC Chamber will not only identify potential new sectors in Prince Edward County, but can ensure the sector(s) chosen for further consideration will:

●  Support new, year-round jobs for residents

●  Attract businesses in the field, thus growing the need for workforce

●  Ensure the new sector(s) can be supported with current infrastructure

●  Be supported by training options which are, or can be made, available and can be undertaken in The County

The importance of tourism and agri-food sector is revealed by the multiple roles that it plays within our community (economic, social, and cultural) and its ability to create a positive impact (employment, wealth, dynamism, income enhancement, infrastructure, international / national / regional friendships).


However, agri-food and tourism industry presents a unique set of challenges when looking to extend employment and business operations into the fall and winter months. Our rural community and expansive geography, combined with unpredictable climate and unpredictable business hours for many establishments leads to reduced visitors and staff shortages.


In our final report we will outline the results of our labour market research findings, the strategies identified to support the new future job market and the action items to recruit both workers and businesses.