About The Chamber


Provide services benefiting and supporting membership. 

Monitor issues affecting membership and solicit member feedback.

The Chamber represents the voice of business in Prince Edward County:

  • Communicates ideas to policy makers
  • Is a primary source of information to residents and visitors
  • Provides a responsible voice for tourism and commerce in the community
  • Promotes a healthy economic climate
  • Advocates for appropriate economic development
  • Encourages cultural, civic, educational and recreational interests


A free market economy as the key to a higher quality of life for our citizens and the

betterment of our community.

The Chamber’s values encompass the following:

The balancing of economic, social and environmental considerations in the formulation of polices for the business community.

PECCOC is an association of independent businesses, through respect, cooperation, balance and pride in our community while maintaining the spirit of a small community and preserving the unique quality of life in historic Prince Edward County.


Member Services

About Us

Originally established in 1905 as the Picton Board of Trade, the Chamber was incorporated in 1979 as the Prince Edward Chamber of Commerce.

Separately, a group interested in promoting tourism in the County established the Quinte’s Isle Tourist Association in 1952. After operating temporary booths in various locations throughout the County, the office at 116 Main Street in Picton was purchased by the Tourist Association in 1964 with the personal backing of three directors.

The Chamber adopted this same location as its home base and for many years merging the two organizations was discussed. On February 7, 1996 the two groups merged resulting in the current organization. Now headquartered at 206 Main Street-Unit 2B, in Picton, the Chamber’s objective is to “Promote and support business and civic pride in the County of Prince Edward”.

The Chambers Origins

In 1925, 50 men from existing chambers of commerce met in Winnipeg with the aim of creating a strong unified and influential voice for Canadian business and establishing a set of values from which policies would emerge – values to encourage economic growth and long-term prosperity. These business visionaries sought to establish an organization that could build a strong future and nation. As a result the Canadian Board of Trade, which became the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, was the culmination of these founders’ efforts. Since 1926, when the first annual meeting was held in Saint John, NB, the Chambers’ members have included chambers and boards of trade from across the country as well as business leaders from the corporate community.

The Chamber is unique because it is the only voluntary, non-political association that has an organized grassroots affiliates in every single federal riding. Now, as a new century and millennium began, the need for an influential and informed advocate for Canadian business is as essential as ever. The Chamber moves forward, proud of its accomplishments in advising government and helping shape federal legislation that encourages a diverse and prosperous economy.In